Specialists in Commercial Water Saving 
Climate change is influencing our weather patterns. We are experiencing longer droughts and then storms and flooding. The useful water that we can collect for our own use is reducing – there is either no rain or there’s too much rain. At the same time, water demand is rising, with a growing population and more houses. The equation just doesn’t balance. 

 A Full Service  

We provide a complete solution, from initial planning and cost-saving projections, through supply and install, to ongoing maintenance – all delivered without the need to spend any capital budget. 

 A Proven Solution  

Propelair is the commercial toilet of choice – using up to 84% less water than traditional systems. It offers better performance, quicker flushing and simplified maintenance, in a durable, environmentally friendly package that delivers real benefits to the corporate market. And thousands have already been installed in the UK. 

 An Experienced Team  

The Novaloo team has a successful track record in supporting organisations across the North of England, through our sister company Novalux LED. Since 2015, we’ve been delivering on projects of all sizes, helping clients to cut costs, save energy and reduce carbon footprints using the latest, cutting edge LED commercial lighting systems. 

 Install Water saving toilets without spending a penny  

Our full service is available without you having to spend any capital budget at all. We can take care of everything and the savings will more than pay the costs. 
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For additional information about Novaloo, our service, or the way we work, please get in touch with the team today on 01904 891213, or by email at enquiries@novaloo.com 
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