Sustainable Funding 
The major business downturn in 2020, and probable severe recession means that very few organisations have capital budgets that have survived the crisis. We are aware of this and also know that toilets are not top of the list when there are many other calls on capital expenditure. 
So, we have arranged funding for you and you never need to pay for these water-saving toilets out of capital budgets. 
Each toilet saves around £400 – £600 per year in reduced water charges, depending on usage levels. We can use those saved costs to implement your installation, usually leaving you some of the savings on top. 
We provide a six-month payment holiday to get you started, so the savings build up before you even start any payments. We then spread the costs over a 54-month period, making 5 years in all. 
Your savings are consistently higher than the costs, so you need no deposit and no capital payment at any stage. 
Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, but we stand by every word. 
Contact Us Today 
For additional information about Novaloo, our service, or the way we work, please get in touch with the team today on 01904 891213, or by email at 
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