The Ultimate Commercial Toilet 
Novaloo helps businesses drive measurable cost, environmental and hygiene benefits through the supply and installation of the Propelair toilet. 

What is it? 

Propelair is a strong, efficient and easy to clean toilet that’s designed especially for the commercial market. 
Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Propelair toilet offers a huge step-change in terms of design, performance and running costs – requiring just 1/6th of the water of a traditional toilet. 

How Does it Work? 

The unique design of Propelair utilises pressurised air to reduce the amount of water required for each flush. 
When the flush sensor is activated, the lid closes to form an airtight seal. Water enters the pan, followed by pressurised air, which pushes the contents down and out of the pan in a powerful, reliable flush in just 3 seconds. 
The water cistern then refills, and it’s ready to re-flush within 30 seconds. 

What are the Benefits? 

Switching from traditional toilets to Propelair will help your organisation to: 
Save Water 
Propelair uses just 1.5L per flush (compared to the UK average of 9L) – using up to 84% less than traditional systems. 
Save Costs 
Water isn’t just precious – it’s costly. Propelair cuts water costs instantly, reducing bills by up to 60% - with complete system payback in as little as 2 years. 
Save the Planet 
Climate change and population growth is having a growing impact on our water sustainability. Propelair helps organisations to reduce their usage for the benefit of all. 
At the same time, using less water delivers benefits in terms of carbon footprint – reducing the energy required to process waste water by up to 80%. 

Improve Hygiene  

Propelair is intrinsically healthier than traditional toilets, helping to maintain a more hygienic washroom environment. 
Propelair will: 
Reduce airborne germs: 
cutting aerosolised germs by up to 90% 
Reduce handle germs: 
with antimicrobial additives built into the unit 
Cut odours: 
the sealed lid significantly cuts unpleasant odours 
Cut contaminants: 
the powerful flush removes up to 99.99% of contaminants 
Find out more 
Additional information about Propelair, how it works and the benefits of the system can be found at Alternatively, get in touch with the Novaloo team today on 01904 891213, or by email at 
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