The world is in crisis – the clock is ticking 
Climate change is influencing our weather patterns. We are experiencing longer droughts and then storms and flooding. The useful water that we can collect for our own use is reducing – there is either no rain or there’s too much rain. At the same time, water demand is rising, with a growing population and more houses. The equation just doesn’t balance. 
Many influential sources are predicting major water shortages even in the UK, as soon as 2030. OFWAT, The Environment Agency, UK Water and many water companies are all sounding the alarm and we need to listen and take action to use far less water. Each of us need to recognise this worldwide problem and change our habits to reduce our usage by as much as 50%, just to make sure water will still come out of our taps in 10 years. 
Toilets are one of the largest users and contributors towards this waste – and we flush lovely clean, treated, filtered drinking water away with every flush. Toilets that use far less water can make a massive difference to this problem. 
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