The planet is in trouble. Our population is growing too fast and we all use far too many resources in our daily lives. And now we’re facing a perfect storm on two fronts – climate change and recovery from a global pandemic. Things have to change, but the time for talking is over, we have to take action. 
Recent emphasis has been on saving carbon and of course that’s still critically important. But there’s another issue that is only just being recognised – a world-wide water shortage. Water is critical for our whole way of life, drinking, cleaning, growing food and many industrial processes. If we run out of water, our lives as we understand them will end. It’s as simple and as brutal as that. 
Water isn’t just our most precious natural resource – it’s expensive, and we waste vast amounts. 
In the average UK business, toilets account for between 50%-60% of all the water used. Each flush uses an average of 9L of water – and for organisations with lots of toilets, such as those in the healthcare, public sector, office and leisure areas, it’s a significant cost. 
At Novaloo we help businesses across the UK to slash water bills and their environmental impact – using the unique Propelair toilet system that reduces water usage to just 1.5L per flush. 

 The Propelair Toilet  

Toilet technology hasn’t progressed in more than a century…Propelair changes that, with a unique UK designed, manufactured and patented system that uses just 1.5L water per flush, whilst delivering real hygiene, performance and cost benefits. 

 Why NovaLoo?  

The Novaloo team has been helping businesses across the North to save money, energy and carbon since 2015. Providing a full service from analysis and planning, to installation, maintenance and finance – we specialise in helping organisations to cut costs and improve their green credentials. 

 Real World Impact  

The Propelair toilet is already in use by forward thinking, cost-conscious organisations across the UK. From Barclaycard and Thames Water, to Kings College London and The Princess Alexandra Hospital, businesses in every industry are reaping the real world benefits of lower water usage. 

 Contact Us  

Want to reduce water usage, slash costs and improve hygiene across your organisation? 
Get started immediately by contacting Novaloo today on 01904 891213, or by email at [email protected] 
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